Companies choose to engage Oxford Hill Partners, LLC  because they are experiencing some of the following common marketing/sales related challenges:

  • Not hitting company revenue targets.
  • Lack of a formal marketing plan.
  • Not effectively articulating proper brand positioning, value proposition or key benefits.
  • Falling behind competitors in leveraging digital/web/mobile and social media.
  • “Our marketing and sales programs are all over the place and not prioritized properly.”
  • “We want more marketing, but we just don’t have a lot of money. How can we get in the game at low cost?”
  • The desire to have someone else oversee marketing “since our strength isn’t in marketing”. Who can lead our marketing team and where do we start?”
  • “Not growing as fast as we’d like to.”
  • Lack of time to develop marketing/business plans or manage a marketing team.
  • "We need more 'warm' leads, clearer sales plans, and better sales materials".
  • Starting to lose business to or other e-commerce players.
  • Not sure how to take marketing and/or digital efforts to the next level.
  • “Our customers are not as loyal to us as we’d wish.”
  • We want to eventually sell the company, but first need to grow profits and valuation to higher levels.


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