Maybe you need to fill a temporary leadership gap or you just want to get CMO and Board level strategic marketing thinking at a fraction of the cost of a full time executive. Outsourced and Fractional CMOs can do everything that an in-house person does, but they do much more and at a much higher level…providing valuable in-depth insights and strategic direction. They can help increase revenues by developing a strategic marketing plan, a digital blueprint, a rebranding or repositioning, new product go to market strategy, or other key marketing/sales initiative…and then lead the team to successfully plan, execute and actually implement those initiatives.

As a member of the Executive Team, they can also help clarify…Among the many marketing and sales programs you could do, what are the most effective key priorities that you should do? What resources are needed to accomplish those goals and what are the detailed plans and timetables on how to execute them in an orderly and effective way?

Here are some of the roles an Outsourced/Fractional CMO can play on an ongoing basis:

  • Planning and overseeing core projects from the marketing plan or the company’s business plan.
  • Overseeing the internal marketing team.
  • Recommending and interviewing internal job candidates and/or external agencies.
  • Helping in the actual execution of marketing programs as needed.
  • Providing inputs and advice on each phase of internal or external agency major marketing projects, both pre-planning as well as in the actual development phase (i.e. Does it look right? Is it on strategy? Is it cost efficient? Is it on track?)
  • Provide advice and counsel to executive team members on core strategy and implementation issues.
  • Attending key executive team, marketing team, and other relevant meetings as needed.
  • Helping work through “internal” issues, debates and discussions as needed.


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