Case Study #1

Food Company – Small

The Challenge: How to help a small consumer products company build retail distribution and substantially grow revenue?

Our Role: We developed their first marketing plan and content/claims for sales pitches. We then helped execute many key elements of the core marketing & sales programs.

Results: Company revenue more than quadrupled in record time from $18 to $75 million, and they significantly expanded their distribution footprint across most major retailers in the USA.

Case Study #2

B2B Business Service Company – Mid Sized

The Challenge: How to leverage digital and other mediums to build a formal “lead generation” system, procure more “warm” leads from potential customers, and lower the very high sales force organization costs?

Our Role: We developed a very cutting edge lead generation “system” focusing on search engine marketing, targeted digital advertising, word of mouth and other creative mediums.

Results: The system drove a very significant numbers of highly qualified and profitable warm leads which generated over $10 million in new incremental revenue for the company in Year #1. It also provided major cost savings including a -15% reduction in salesperson headcount costs.

Case Study #3

Global Health and Beauty Company – Mid-Large Sized

The Challenge: How to somehow consolidate 70 websites and digital efforts in 50 countries, and increase e-commerce sales in Europe?

Our Role: We developed a worldwide digital strategy that included a recommendation to create a single global website portal, social media and e-commerce platform…but with local flexibility and features and helped oversee the transformation.

Results: The transformation was extremely well received around the world, visits to the website grew very substantially +60%, and e-commerce sales surged more than +70%.

Case Study #4

B2B Industrial Company – Large Fortune 500

The Challenge: Whether to leverage the company’s current single global brand name across all products, or allow the various products/divisions to be named and positioned individually?

Our Role: We met and interviewed dozens of key company stakeholders and customers around the world, and then recommended the company move to leveraging the group of well known core brands as separate names and business units, as well as developing a global digital portal, but with separate websites for each business unit.

Results: This brand/repositioning transformation, separation of business units, and creation of new websites raised company valuation very significantly, and attracted a major private equity player who bought the company at a very handsome price premium due to its multiple named business units.

Case Study #5

Consumer Products Company – Small

The Challenge: How help company substantially grow its profits and valuation so founders can unlock its value, develop an “exit” strategy, and reap potential personal wealth?

Our Role: We developed transformational branding, marketing and sales related strategies…with a laser focused eye on quickly growing company valuation.

Results: Company’s profits and valuation grew by over 200%, and they were able to “unlock” that value via a sale of the company to a well known private equity firm at a terrific selling price.

Case Study #6

Hi-Tech B2B Company – Early Stage

The Challenge: How to leverage digital to create more overall brand awareness, and educate potential B2B customers on the power of this amazing new technology?

Our Role: We leveraged our EQ Pulse®  digital platform to identify digital/website strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, and then developed a full scale go forward digital strategy and plan focused mainly on ways to increase brand awareness, drive lead generation, and educate new potential customers.

Results: There was immediate significant impact on brand awareness and lead gen interest in their B2B customer world. Today, this well known technology is installed in over 80% of all commercial and private jets in North America.

Case Study #7

Travel and Entertainment Company – Mid Sized-Large

The Challenge: Despite having millions of customers across the US, this company struggled with a lack of e-mail addresses for the overwhelming majority of these households…leading to weak repeat and loyalty rates. How could that situation somehow be fixed?

Our Role: We developed a very creative system/mechanism to get people to voluntarily “register” their products and give us their e-mail addresses.

Results: Their e-mail database grew from 250,000 to over 3 million in under two years driving $5 million in new incremental revenue in Year #1 and $8 million by Year #2.

Case Study #8

Food Company – Mid Sized

The Challenge: How to take an old fashioned food company in a highly competitive and commoditized industry and creatively differentiate it from competition?

Our Role: We repositioned the brand as “green”, all natural, focused on family farms and socially/environmentally conscious; and we conducted outside consumer research to demonstrate product superiority vs. key competitors.

Results:  Repositioning was highly successful and the company was later purchased by one of the top 3 natural and organic focused food companies in the world.

Case Study #9

Pharmaceutical Company – Large Fortune 100

The Challenge: One of Top 10 prescription drugs in the world was facing the expiration of their patent in 2 years. How could they protect losing substantial revenues to generic replacements once their patent expired?

Our Role: We used our EQ Pulse®  digital platform to benchmark this famous brand vs. their key competitors and then wrote a go forward digital strategy and plan which featured the development of a global educational website “center of expertise” related to the medical condition they treated along with ongoing patient/doctor loyalty incentives….to proactively educate consumers and endear them to the branded version vs. generic.

Results: Significantly slowed the effects of the loss of patent threat, and kept many more doctors/patients desiring the branded product vs. the generic. private label version.