Business & Marketing Transformation

Oxford Hill Partners, LLC is a strategic marketing firm specializing in traditional marketing/sales strategic planning and execution, and in helping companies better strategically integrate new digital media into their marketing efforts.

Our goal is not just to “advise” our clients, but to actually transform them and help significantly grow their revenue and valuation…by capitalizing on emerging business trends, and creating custom, revolutionary and highly innovative strategies and programs. And we’ve helped our clients achieve real results!

So if you’re looking to revolutionize your business or upgrade your marketing playbook, read on!

Meet Our Clients

We develop transformative business strategies and innovative marketing programs for a very diverse roster of clients across the globe. In fact, we’ve been engaged by over 50 clients including many Fortune 500 conglomerates as well as over two dozen small-medium sized companies, start ups and family businesses. Here are some of them.


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Success stories

Food Company Success Story

We helped a food company grow their revenue from $18 million to $75 million in less than two years, and very significantly grow their retail distribution in major supermarket chains.

B2B Business Services Company Success Story

We helped a B2B business service company build a cutting edge sales force lead generation system and program that drove thousands of new highly qualified “warm” leads, and generated $10 million in new incremental revenue in Year #1.

Health Care/Pharmaceutical Company Success Story

We guided a global health care company in consolidating 70 websites and digital efforts in 50 countries around the world, which resulted in a 50% increase in website traffic and online e-commerce sales surging by over +70%.