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- There are plenty of creative web experts   in the marketplace.
- There are many highly qualified,   classically trained consumer product   marketing experts.
- But there are very few who can   brilliantly combine both of these skills   together - at a senior executive level - to   drive increased profitability…

> Oxford Hill Partners can help you   bridge these two critical worlds in the   style and language you are accustomed   to:
- We offer cutting edge expertise in both   classical marketing and web smarts   spanning areas such as research,
  creative/design, e-commerce and search   engine marketing.
- We analyze the broad picture and   formulate unbiased and objective   recommendations based on "classical"   marketing strategic approaches.
- Most importantly, we can unlock the   power of your web assets to generate      new revenue streams so you can
  make more money.

> Yosi Heber
email: yheber@oxfordhillpartners.com

Yosi Heber is the Founder and President of Oxford Hill Partners, LLC, and brings a twenty year, highly successful track record in VP, CMO, and General Management positions in both B2C, and B2B, across multiple industries.

Prior to forming Oxford Hill Partners, he spent four years as Chief Marketing Officer of IAC/InterActiveCorp’s EPI Division, part of Barry Diller’s internet marketing conglomerate where he worked together with sister companies Expedia, Lending Tree, Match.com, Ticketmaster, and Hotels.com.

After receiving his MBA from Wharton Business School in 1985, Heber began his career as a marketing manager on Jell-O at Kraft General Foods. He spent over twelve years at Kraft General Foods and then Dannon where he invented the $550 million dollar kid yogurt category, grew Dannon Light to become America’s best selling yogurt brand, and launched the most successful new kid cereal of the decade-Marshmallow Alpha Bits. He also spent several years as head of marketing for Danone’s Jacob’s Biscuit subsidiary in London, England.

Over the past seven years, Heber has accumulated extensive profit generating internet marketing achievements driving tens of millions of dollars in new, internet related revenue streams leveraging existing websites. In 1998, he was one of the first in America to utilize pay for performance search engine marketing as a customer acquisition tool.

His rare combination of senior level classical marketing expertise and solid web marketing “street smarts’ make him a highly sought after speaker at many major conferences and universities, including Harvard Business School, Ad:Tech, Conference Board, DMA and IIR. His work has been featured in publications such as The New York Times, USA Today, and Ad Age. Heber also serves as a Board Member of the Wharton Global Consulting Practicum and Ad:Tech.