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The Challenge:

Over two-thirds of executives said that ROI analytics   are marketing's greatest need (Booz Allen Study).

Web analytic tools are very useful in helping   companies keep track of website traffic and   identifying where customers travel within their site.   However, many existing web analytic tools have   weaknesses and blind spots:
   - They are often narrow in scope and measure only      a 10-20% slice of key revenue driving influencers.
   - They tend to be complex, provide too much data      and typically contain only limited actionable      recommendations.
   - They are often limited in terms of reporting      competitive activity.
   - None measures the OVERALL health of a      website and its ability to generate maximum      revenues.

Introducing Our Patent Pending Solution, EQ Pulse™:

The first simple web analytic measurementtool that   provides a "30,000 foot" view of the OVERALL quality   of a website and the ability of that website to drive   revenue.

Total EQ Pulse™ score measures the overall   effectiveness of a website across all drivers that can   potentially increase revenue (directly or indirectly).
  - Similar to a "FICO" score that measures a     person's credit worthiness.

In evaluating over 120 aspects of the website, we   issue separate scores for each of eight, broad   strategic revenue driver categories.These help identify   strengths, weaknesses and gaps vs. competition and   industry best practices.
  - Similar to health measurements taken during a   physical exam.

EQ Pulse™ is fast becoming a new industry   standard!


A Website's "Eight Strategic Revenue Drivers:"

What You'll Get from an EQ Pulse™ Assessment:

An assessment of if your website is just "pretty," or if it has the features,   characteristics, and capabilities to drive incremental revenue.

Full scoring details including new and enlightening insights about your web   assets,and strengths/weaknesses vs. your competition and industry best   practices.

A summary report including our color-coded synopsis of the eight "strategic   revenue drivers" and scores.
  - So simple to understand, it is perfect to be shared with all levels of     executive management.

Easy identification of "low hanging fruit" opportunities.

Provides early warning signs of competitive web initiatives.

Topline, actionable recommendations which allow for focused and specific   actions to correct deficient areas and take advantage of upside revenue   growth opportunities.

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